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Accomplishing training goals is not something that happens overnight. To best assist owners and their dogs, Compassionate Canine is now offering both Private Sessions with the owner present as well as Day Training Sessions where the owner is not required to be present. Both service options are offered as individual sessions or can be purchased in packages listed below.

We work with owners and their dogs on a wide range of behaviors, from basic obedience skills, advanced obedience skills, behaviors associated with any types of fear and/or anxiety and so much more.

Phone/Video Consultation
30 minutes                  $35

Private Sessions
1 hr- Owner present with the trainer

Single Session


4 Session Package


3 Session Package


5 Session Package


Day Training 
1 hr- owners presence not required

Single Session


5 Session Package


3 Session Package


7 Session Package



All appointments must be confirmed and or canceled within twenty four hours prior to scheduled session. Failure to do so will result in a no money back guruntee and the session will be considered canceled.

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