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About Us

"Dog Training With Care"


Giving back! “Compassionate Canine” is a personal dog training business that strives to use positive training techniques through a guided instruction program to help both owners and their dogs succeed. It is also a business which is vested in giving back to the community through canine education and rehabilitation. In doing so, we work to encourage and create positive relationships between people and dogs and our goal is to give you those forever tools with purpose and passion.


Lori Nappo

"Shelby's thorough and she gets results all while making sure the experience is fun and rewarding for your dog. She's called "Compassionate Canine" because insanely passionate, talented, dedicated, impressive, and driven couldn't also fit on the businees card."

Layne Kugler

"Shelby's love, dedicated and commitment to the improvement of you and your dogs happiness together is evident with every lesson she teaches. "Compassionate Canine" combines the knowledge of dog behavior with the tools to create a deeper life long bond betwen you and your dog through training."

Margie Hanrahan

"Shelby is a patient, knowledgeable dog trainer and helped me train my dog while gently coaching me through the process. Her light hearted manner and love of animals shines through her direction and made the experience incredibly enjoable and successful. I am thankful for her abilities and guidance and would reccommend her if you're having issues with your pup or just need to build a solid foundation between you and your dog."


Who am I?

My name is Shelby O’Neil and I am the trainer behind Compassionate Canine. As a child, I always had a passion for animals. I took this enthusiasm to the next level by graduating from Canisius College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Behavior. Shortly after graduating, I focused my attention on working with dogs.  I obtained my Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) status and after several years of experience working with and training dogs, it led me to where I am today!

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